Dental Whitening

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LED or LASER Dental Whitening

Dental Whitening is a process used to treat teeth for esthetic purposes getting rid of stains and pigmentations.


Actually it is one of the most used dental procedures, considered as part of the  regular care and beauty routine.


Dental Whitening has become a requirement for all those who desire to have and show a beautiful and radiant smile.


Led or laser dental whitening is in essence a tooth discoloration, thus obtaining a whiter esthetically desirable tooth color.


Laser or led light does not whiten teeth, what really whitens teeth is the substance or product that is applied to the teeth surface, be it hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.


The peroxides we use to whiten teeth are safe to use on teeth enamel and they simply discolor the tooth.



That depends on the original tooth color, its thickness, enamel quality, as well the patient’s personal and hygiene habits.

How many shades of white can be achieved in one whitening appointment?

For how long do teeth remain whitened ?

That depends on or is relative to several factors,  the cleanliness or dental prophylaxis done previous to the dental whitening procedure, personal dental hygiene and dietary habits.

We recommend a dental cleaning with a whitening procedure every 6 months to a year.


Which teeth should be whitened?

The following teeth are candidates for a whitening:


- Yellowish or brownish  naturaly stained teeth.

- Tabaco stained or darkened teeth.

- Teeth darkened by age.


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Dr. Joseph Naffah
Especialist in Dental Whitening and Perfect Smiles

CDMX 5596.5447 / 5251.0511 / 5251.4206


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Dr. Joseph Naffah
Especialist in Dental Whitening and Perfect Smiles